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Up Sell Strategy for Call Center managers – CCC Weekly Wisdom #7

Follow the CEDREFF Model of coaching for the best proven way to develop call center agents. Many times contact center supervisors lose agents to attrition because they skip steps. Don’t be one of those leaders.

Managing every person every hour interval inside of the contact center is an essential to success. It may seem like overkill or even impossible but listen in to find the key.

Every Call Center Supervisor needs to learn this practice inside and out. Macro and Micro pacing inside of contact centers will drive high performance and ensure teams/agents end on goal for the day, week, month, quarter and year.

One of the best ways to drive overall call center team and agent performance – CCC Weekly Wisdom 3

Don’t have a WFO or scheduling tool? Learn tips and best practices on how to staff your call center for the holiday season without expensive software.