Metric Monday

A weekly deep dive into the ever changing world of contact center. We will be covering a new metric and what specifically drives that metric every Monday.

You should be treating your tickets just like phone calls. Average speed of answer (ASA), Average Handle Time (AHT) and Agent Efficiency – CCC Metric Monday #13

There are many ways to track sales and per 100 is one of them. Although this is still a lag metric we dive in on this weeks Metric Monday to the ways you can influence and improve it.

Learn 4 basic steps to improving your NPS score. These may be simple but carry a huge punch in directly and quickly affecting scores.
If there is a way, they will find it. CPH is the perfect way to check for call avoidance with call center agents. Learn from us and nip it in the bud.

How is Revenue per call best managed inside of the contact center? What happens inside of a call center on a daily basis that both drives RPC and hurts it? Gotta manage those spreads every interval.

How does Hold Time affect your call center? What should you be looking for in terms of percentage to average handle time. CCC Metric Monday 8

What is agent available time and how you should be looking at it depending on your campaign, call type, and SLA’s.

Quality Scores and Monitoring inside of your Contact Center – CCC Metric Monday #6
 Net Promoter Score inside contact centers – CCC Metric Monday 5
Why use it? Who needs it? What you need to know.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) inside of your business. If you don’t have it, you need it! CCC Metric Monday #4

CCC Metric Monday # 3! Due to high demand we dive deeper into AHT and how to influence it. Find us on Youtube.

Average Handle Time (AHT). What is it and how you should be looking at it depending on the industry you are in. CCC Metric Monday #2

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