Life of an Offshore Outsourcer


Travel to and from the Philippines

  • Salt Lake to Seattle
  • Seattle to Narita
  • Narita to Manila
  • Manila to Bacolod
    • Approximately 23 hours total travel to Manila
    • 18 hours of flying

Cody Carter Introduction to Call Center Industry

  •  Entry level agent postion
    • Saveology sales campaign
    • Competative
  • Moved up the ladder
    • Agent to Coach
    • Coach to Site Lead
    • Mixed role of Director
  • 2 years domestic experience
  • 5 years internationally
    • 3 years as Assistant Site Director
    • 2 years and current Site Director

Location and Geography

  • Bacolod is 1 hour flight south
  • Negros Occidental
  • Right in the middle of the Philippines
  • Cebu is Northeast of Bacolod

Island Living

  • Bacolod is a port city
  • Couple hour travel to major beaches
  • Regular downtown city
    • Lots of buildings
    • Lots of call centers
    • Lots of traffic

Work Shift and Schedule

  • Always working Night Shift
    • Usually starting at 11 pm Philippine time
  • Supporting US domestic customers
  • McDonald’s just as packed at 3 am as 3 pm

Call Center Work and daily operations

  • Majority inbound (IB) calls
  • Continuity; trial based products
    • Retention
    • Upsell
  • Direct Response (DR)
  • 18-20 different clients
  • Exciting and Challenging part of BPO’s
    • Maintaining performance and culture




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