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There are many principles and processes in operating a successful call center team. Landon Rich boils it down to the two most basic that are the KEY to winning with any team, in any location, handling any call type. Learn from his experience what works and what doesn’t.

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CEO and Host Landon Rich gives his thoughts on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning inside of Call Centers. Dive into how AI will help executives cut costs and improve the customer experience as well as answer the question; should call center employees fear losing their jobs? Click below to listen.

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19 Year Call Center IT Veteran Bill Wiser talks to us about how he has had to adapt over the years to continually succeed in the BPO space. We discuss call routing equipment, connectivity, PCI compliance and much more on this Call Center Tech week. Click below to listen

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Chris Hislop has over 20 years of experience inside of contact centers with 17 of those being in Human Resources. We cover everything from methods of recruiting and training. How to mitigate agent attrition and help drive a better culture as well as the best ways to handle delicate situations with sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.

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People are the foundation of any business but especially inside of a call center. Contact Center agents are the front line and face for the customers. Landon Rich walks through his experience and what he has seen from Executives down to Agents the best way to handle people.



The ever increasing popularity of gamification has made its way to the call center world. We dive in with expert Jaden Mecham to pick apart the topic, analyze the ROI and show the value of its implementation.


Does your home or company building have an alarm system? Find out what happens behind the scenes in a contact center that handles alarm triggers, life alert pendants and more. Many things are the same but with a few unique twists.


Ever wonder what living and working offshore was like? Cody Carter walks us through his past 5 years of living and operating a Contact Center in the Philippines. We dive into the living and location, call center and BPO, and must see vacation destinations.


Across any industry, vertical, or channel, these three principles apply and will drive any sales team to a new level. Call Centers and inside sales teams alike, Sam Foster takes us through his background and success with both. Find the Audio on iTunes and Google play or the video on YouTube. You can also click HERE.


Learn key principles on how to drive even the lowest performing team to new levels inside of your contact center. Jacob Bentley shares his knowledge on what it takes to hit your goals and succeed.

Learn key principles on how to successfully operate an Omni-Channel Call Center. Whether you are on premise, in the cloud or simply managing contact center agents, these principles apply.


Learn how Focus Services started from 1 employee to its current 2000+. Starting with manually dialing a list of 800 to spending $55K on the first dialer to serve only 12 phones. John Porter walks us through some key principles, both in life and business, to growing a call center successfully.


Learn about successful class size, how engaging and interacting with the class drives down attrition and how to put out the best agents to the production floor. We interview Craig Northrup, with 9+ years of contact center experience and training.

We explore how Clearview performance management helps all teams inside of call centers have better visibility, be more engaged and drive performance. No matter which vertical or industry your Contact Center serves performance is the life blood.

Go down the rabbit hole with Bryce Hayes, SVP of Operations at Telarus to find out the “why’s” and “how’s” of outsourcing. We discuss strategy, quality control, and Bryce’s personal experience living offshore.

Moving your Call Center from Premise to Cloud with Ray Hicken

Call Center Crew Podcast is LIVE!!! CCC Podcast #1 – Escape the Snowball of Death inside Call Center Accounting

– Joseph Intro- Joseph Intro Worked at Focus

3:40 – Day in the life of a BPO controller Planning Process
4:30 – Accounting Software Sage 50 Excel!!! 🙂
5:50 – Agent Payroll Payroll Discrepancies  Communication Follow Up
10:00 – The Snowball of Death Payroll Discrepancies Attriton High Cost Low Margins High Attrtion Low Tenure Low Performance

13:50 – Agent Communication Positive or Negative

14:40 – Clearview Lowering Payroll Errors Used to be and inside some centers still is a manual process As low as 1/2 % payroll erros with 700+ Agents

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